Baby Massage

Parent / Carer classes

Fully qualified Instructor trained by    

The International Association of Infant Massage

Baby massage has been taught in communities across the world f‚Äčor hundreds of years. 

The joy of being confident to provide comfort to and relaxation to your baby creates a special bond between you. Baby massage is a two way communication, an interaction between carer and child.

Classes will teach parents / carers a baby massage routine which can be given to your child at set times of the day or as needed. You are the best judge of what your baby needs. You will learn to recognise baby's cues  and respond to them appropriately whilst massaging.

Massage can help with:

  • colic 
  • constipation,
  • wind
  • improving feeding intake
  • regulating sleep patterns
  • improving communication
  • enhancing bonding
  • promoting interaction
  • increased confidence in parents / carers
  • including partners in care routines

Routines are taught over a 5 week course, this helps you work your way up to knowing the full routine whilst becoming confident with each section.

oils, mats and blankets are provided for you. Just bring yourself and your baby.

You can bring babies from 3 weeks to sessions.

If baby wants to sleep, it's fine. We have dolls you can use to learn the routine.

If you would like to book an Infant Massage course for parents & carers at your school or venue, get in touch.

 Courses are for 2 hours a session over 5 consecutive weeks. 

Set up and clean up included in 2 hours.

If you are a new parent and have a group of friends (5 or more) and would like a Baby Massage course run somewhere near you, get in touch , we will always see what we can do!

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