So...let's tell you all about The Learning Bus.

The Learning Bus started as an idea, a little thought on how we could help schools, families and children. We noticed a few things that could do with a little sprinkle of help:

1. Health subjects in primary schools.

2. Health in young children across Northamptonshire.

3. Community family services.

The Learning Bus was set up as a community interest company; a company that has the community and its well-being at heart. A company accountable for proving exactly how it has supported the community on an annual basis. Community interest companies must evidence that profits (beyond running costs) are reinvested to the company and put to good use in serving the community it claims to support.The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy provides guidance on community interest companies:

           CICs are limited companies which operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve. They are not strictly 'not for profit', and CICs can, and do, deliver returns to investors. However, the purpose of CIC is primarily one of community benefit rather than private profit. Whilst returns to investors are permitted, these must be balanced and reasonable, to encourage investment in the social enterprise sector whilst ensuring true community benefit is always at the heart of any CIC. For some CICs this is delivered through the provision of a service to a specific community, for example a welfare service to vulnerable people, in others it will be an activity that generates profits which are used to support a specific purpose such as a running a cafe where all profits generated are used to benefit the community. Each CIC is required to submit on a yearly basis a report detailing the activities undertaken and how these have benefited the community. 

Information on community interest companies can be found at:

The Learning Bus set a target to reach schools, families and children and communities across Northamptonshire, in our first year using our mobile classroom,  now enjoying the use of community centres and local places to deliver healthy choice learning, parent and child sessions and information sessions. 

Have a look on board The learning Bus!